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          China Association of International Trade

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          China Association of International Trade



          The China Association of International Trade (CAIT) was established in Beijing in July 1981. It is the first national-level academic group in international trade with corporative legal person status that was established after the reform and opening up of China. Under the direct leadership of the Ministry of Commerce of China, CAIT is an academic organization composed of such people as politicians, professors and entrepreneurs who specialize in foreign trade research and communications.

          CAIT’s purpose is to organize experts, scholars and industry specialists who are engaged in international economic and trade research, as well as experts and practitioners engaged in China’s foreign economic and trade policies and theoretical research, under the guidance of the basic lines of the Communist Party of China based on Deng Xiaoping’s theory of building socialism with Chinese characteristics, adhere to the policies of reform and opening up and innovative ideas, and implement the principles of academic democracy of ”hundred flowers and hundreds of schools of thought” with theories closely related to reality, researching and exploring the theoretical and practical issues on development and reform of China’s foreign economic and trade in the socialist market economic system.

          Under the current new situation, guided by Xi Jinping’s Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, CAIT will focus on issues in foreign trade and economic development; promote China’s foreign trade as part of the efforts in accelerating the socialist modernization drive.


          Since the establishment of the China Association of International Trade 38 years ago, with the support of the former Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation and its successor the Ministry of Commerce and that of other government departments and the broader society, CAIT is now an organization staffed with senior leaders, experts, scholars and entrepreneurs with profound academic attainments and rich practical experience in international trade and retired diplomats who served in the business offices of the Chinese embassies in other countries.

          The joint efforts of previous Boards of Directors and members have enabled CAIT to focus on the fundamental research in economic and trade theories and academic communication. Based on the economic and trade development situations at home and abroad, and responding closely to the schedules of the Ministry of Commerce, CAIT has organized many timely in-depth discussions on economic and trade issues, and conferences, analysis sessions, symposiums, and expert seminars. Meanwhile, the association launched such events as essay competitions collecting opinions and papers for publication.

          The analyses, opinions and suggestions on the economic and trade scenarios and hot issues have been submitted to the relevant departments of the Ministry of Commerce in due time, contributing to the macro decision-making of the administrative leadership and institutions.  CAIT has also provided information services for the public and member institutions, actively carrying out trade research, communications and personnel trainings, and combining foreign trade and economic theories with practices, actively providing services to such sectors as enterprises, research institutions and universities and colleges. At the same time, through the International Trade Forum and other publications, the associating conducted timely researches and policy publicity. CAIT gives full play to the leading roles of theoretical research, staff consultation, serving the government, society and enterprises, providing the majority of colleagues with a professional communication platform, which has been well received by national organizations and the industry as a whole.


          Members of the CAIT are divided into group members, individual members and correspondent members. The Charter of the association stipulates that academic groups, research institutions, universities, enterprises, news publishers and individuals who recognize the Charter of the Association and pay the membership fees may apply for memberships. Subject to the consent of the administration of the president’s office, they can become members of the association and enjoy the services provided. The main services of the association to its members are:

          1. Regular delivery of the Association’s quarterly publication International Trade Forum;

          2. An annual collection of Situations and Countermeasures (a compilation of excellent papers from annual academic conferences and essay awards);

          3. Holding various seminars and training courses;

          4. Holding a large-scale annual academic conference, and conducting academic exchanges on topics and hot issues on domestic and international economic and trade developments;

          5. Promoting and introducing members at home and abroad through books and other publications that the Association publishes or various other events. Members are entitled to the inclusion of the name of the Association and  the words “Member of China Association of International Trade” may appear in their business promotion materials and business cards after due authorization has been granted. CAIT may assist members in establishing communication channels with government departments when conditions permit, and convey the concerns of members to relevant departments on their behalf;

          6. Taking advantage of its extensive external contacts the Association provides members with consulting services such as foreign market research, and keep members informed of the economic and trade policies and investment environment changes in other countries. Members have priority to participate in seminars and exchanges with foreign chambers of commerce CAIT organizes.


          Since the establishment of the China Association of International Trade, there have been nine successive Boards of Directors as the leading body, each with the approvals of the Ministry of Commerce, after elections of the member representatives. Li Qiang, former Minister of Foreign Trade was Honorary President of the first, second and third sessions of the Board of Directors, and Zhou Huamin, former Administrative Vice Minister of Foreign Trade, was President. Zhou Huamin was Honorary President and Chen Ming was President in the fourth. Gao Dengli was president in the fifth session. Shen Jueren, former Vice Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation was Honorary President, and Shi Yonghai was president of the sixth. Shi Guangsheng, former Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Minister, and Vice Minister Shen Jueren were honorary presidents, while Wang Junwen was president on the seventh and eighth sessions of the Board of Directors. Jin Xu was President for the ninth session.

          The CAIT now operates the Tumen River Regional Cooperation Research Branch, the International Business English Research Committee, and the International Business Japanese Research Committee. The Secretariat (Membership Department), the Office, the Editorial Department, and the Training Department are permanent offices.


          Under the leadership of the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Civil Affairs, CAIT will earnestly review the past and sensibly think about the future. We must profoundly understand and implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and maintain a high degree of unity in the ideological, political, and operational aspects of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core. Practice will ensue under the guidance of Xi Jinping’s Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. We will give full play to the advantages of the study of the economic and trade theories, closely focus on the themes of foreign economic and trade development, carefully organize experts and scholars in studying new topics in international and domestic economic and trade theories, provide valuable economic and trade information for the Ministry of Commerce, and provide advisory services for foreign trade and economic decision-making. We will provide services for the companies to go global, and make new contributions to the rapid development of China’s international business.



          China Association of International Trade


          February, 2019















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